The Impact

The Impact

When you start teaching people about your business, you’ll immediately notice increased communication and cooperation, you’ll see increased involvement from your team as they support a business they are helping to create, and your employees will not only understand how their actions affect your business, they’ll behave differently because of that.

The Great Game of Business works because it gives every employee the opportunity to contribute, to identify and capitalise on opportunities, to elevate their thinking, to take responsibility and ownership, and to work together to build something of value.

It is more than a promise to be open with employees; it’s a process. It’s a way to run your business that unleashes the entrepreneur inside every employee – a technique to get everyone informed, involved and engaged in making the business successful.

The ultimate game

In an environment where everyone is working toward common goals, where everyone’s opinions are valued, where everyone can contribute in some form or another, and where team members are being recognised as a natural part of it - you create an environment where everyone feels like a winner. This is the true power of the Great Game of Business.

The clip below is of staff at SRC – the original game player. Their stories will, no doubt, explain why we teach our employees to think and act like owners.