Our Team

Our Team

AD_2015_200pxAdam Dierselhuis

Certified Coach

Adam is a Great Game of Business certified coach, and a director at O’Connells OBM, a progressive chartered accounting firm based in Brisbane city that specialises in providing clients with proactive tax and business advisory services. Adam is passionate about spotting opportunities and challenging the status quo, characterising how he works with his clients today – helping business owners to create better businesses.

Adam played a key role in leading O’Connells OBM to win the Asia Pacific Great Game of Business “All Star Award” in 2012, following a period of reinvigorating the Great Game of Business principles within the firm. Over the past few years Adam has absorbed himself in The Game – visiting SRC Holdings to learn where it all started, and touring business across America and Australia to grow and share with other’s experiences of The Game.

Adam is excited about the Game and how it can improve peoples lives. You will find Adam’s story an inspiration for growth driven business owners.


Trudi-200pxTrudi Saul

Marketing & Events

Trudi’s passion for the Great Game of Business stems from the positive experience and change the Game brought about in her workplace – an experience and story she wants to share with business owners and in turn employees, a story about how the Game has and does change workplace cultures for the better.

Trudi enjoys connecting with others who are passionate about the Game, bringing them together, helping share their stories – and is a source of creativity when it comes to designing mini-games.