The playing field is constantly changing, how well is your business positioned to compete?

Is your whole team motivated to work together to achieve growth, profitability, and success?

The Great Game of Business is a completely different way of running a business that gets everyone on the same page, a game plan that gives your business a winning edge.

Our offering is simple: to help you create a winning culture that will change your business for the better; a culture of engagement, innovation, collaboration, discipline, accountability, and high performance.

The Great Game of Business is a game changer, an open-book methodology that has grown from a curiosity into a significant business trend. It’s not a system, philosophy, or an attitude – it’s all of those things and more. It’s about tapping into the universal desire to win.

Businesses that have fully implemented the practices of the Great Game of Business consistently experience remarkable growth, profitability and employee engagement, including more than:

  • 2 x revenue growth*
  • 6 x profit growth*
  • 3 x employee engagement**
  • 3 x business literacy^



* The Great Game of Business, Inc. 2014
**Compared to Gallup’s National Engagement Survey
^ Compared to Harris Interactive Poll of US workforce